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Successful relationships are built on apps conversations. We can automate them effectively, drawing on the power of chatbot technology️.

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The results of mastering the art of conversation


increased leads


reduced costs


less errors


more conversions

When chatbots are built
with purpose and ❤️


Personalize customer journeys and increase engagement

Finance and Banking

Automate financial services and reduce the load on your front-line


Engage your users and automate customer service at scale


Offer an enhanced learning and teaching experience

Real Estate

Qualify your leads and provide personalized offers

Human Resources

Boost employee engagement and facilitate talent acquisition

Public sector

Improve citizen's experience with AI-powered solutions

Customer Service

Augment the quality of your customer support, 24/7


Setup and deploy highly-engaging personalized campaigns

Our cutting-edge NLP engine currently supports 48 languages


bot solutions

Conversational interfaces are versatile and broad in scope. So whenever we begin a project, we always figure out the plan. Your business is not identical to any other business and your bot (or voice app) should reflect that.

This way, we propose a solution that is exactly what you need and produces measurable results.

Our discovery process is largely based on discerning your business’ values and goals. Along this process, we pinpoint potential areas where the bot can deliver actual utility and improve your metrics (whether they are higher sales, reduced customer support overhead or otherwise).


by design

When developing a chatbot we always begin with the design. Not just how it looks, but also how it feels and behaves. That includes its name and appearance, but most importantly its conversational UX.

We consider chatbots not another buzzword, but an articulation of your brand. As a result your bot’s persona should convey your brand, while providing real value to your users.

Unlike any other cookie-cutter solutions out there, a custom-built bot bolsters your brand’s presence and communicates what makes your business unique.


Frameworks, APIs, NLPs…
oh my!

Building a bot is a lot like conducting an orchestra. A lot of moving parts and different instruments have to come together as an ensemble. Those parts don’t always coordinate and oftentimes include legacy systems.

That’s where we come in: think of Enchatted’s dev team as an experienced maestro. For each and every bot, we develop a specialised piece of software that functions as a bridge. Some call it middleware, we call it conductor.

What it really does is that it facilitates every interaction between your bot’s users and your system, whilst making sure that everything works as expected and chats are responsive and smart.

What it seemingly does, is magic!

When information needs to be shared,
chatbots can make the difference

  • Lead Qualification & Nurturing
  • Event Registrations
  • Product Recommendations
  • Reservations
  • Purchases
  • Product Launch
  • Landing Pages
  • FAQ & Helpdesk
  • Onboarding & How-To Guides
  • Concierge
  • Feedback & Reviews
  • Recruitment
  • HR
  • IT Support
  • Competitions & Surveys

Powerful Integrations

We have already integrated our chatbot solutions with a lot of services and software apps. In fact, we can integrate with almost anything having an API, adding real-world value to your virtual agent.

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