Frequently Asked Questions

If that is the case make sure you are typing the correct email and password.

Please, remember that the password is case sensitive.

If you are still having problems do not hesitate to ask for help at [email protected]

Absolutely! All you need is access to the email you signed up with.

Navigate to the login screen and press the “Forgot Your Password”.

Enter your email in the field, press “Send Password Reset Link” and we will send you a link to reset your password. Then follow the instructions.

We are constantly improving our platform. You can also see the full history of changes here.

In the upper right corner, clicking on your name, produces a drop-down with these options:

The first option is your profile where you can review and change your profile details.

The second option is your billing info and plan options.

The third option gives access to the documentation.

Lastly, the logout button for disconnecting and redirected to the login screen.

We have built our platform so that every action you need to do is as effortless as possible. Same thing goes for connecting your bot.

Once you have logged in, our unique “bot connector” allows you to easily connect your bot in a couple of steps. In the first step, you type in your bot’s name, a short description and if you like an image avatar for it. (Pro tip, if you leave this field blank, we’ll generate one for you)

In the second step, choose one of the available bot technologies or platforms that your bot is built on and then type in all the relative info in order to connect to your bot.

In the third step, you can pick some sample or custom test scripts to test against your bot. That is all, you have now connected your bot!

*For more detailed information about how to connect with your specific bot technology or platform, see the respective section in our documentation.

First of congratulations, you have just taken the first step towards improving your bot!

On the “My Bots” screen you can see the bots that you have connected to our platform. Here at a glance, you can see an overview of every bot.

Any possible “Warnings” or “Issues” that it might have, our convorate indicator etc. By clicking on either the name of the bot or the details button, you are being transferred to the test results for that bot.

In the bot's page you can

  • edit your bot’s connection
  • see a high-level overview
  • review the test scriptss that you have previously run or are currently running
  • what any warnings and/or issues the tests have produced
  • for the warnings (i.e. non-critical errors that do not break the main functionality of the bot), we also give you the industry’s best practices

You are certainly on the right track! After connecting your bot, you can start running tests. Having numerous comprehensive tests that include the entirety of the bot can get you the most complete results on your bot’s overall health, shortcomings etc.

At any time after one or more tests have finished, you can see how your bot is doing. Your three major indications are:

  • Convorate, a multi-factor holistic representation of your bot’s health
  • Issues, things that break the functionality of the bot and should be addressed as soon as possible
  • Warnings, things that do not break the functionality of the bot, but do lessen the user experience

You can execute a total of 50 test runs each day. Keep in mind that the first time you create a new test it is executed upon completion. So if you create 50 new tests a single day you will not be able to run a test a second time or create more tests before the daily reset.

The test runs counter is reset every day at 00:00 am (GMT+3).

Enabling monitoring to one or more tests will set it to run automatically every 1 hour. This automated test runs will not count towards your daily total runs (50). You are limited to activating the monitoring function, to a max of 10 tests at any given bot.

Monitoring can be used for various reasons. For example, you will be notified if something breaks or your bot starts giving unwanted answers before it is too late. This is appropriate not only during the development of the bot, but also on bots that function with live data and their responses can vary.

Creating your tests is easier than ever on our platform! In order to run a test, you need to create a user story for the test to check. Navigate to the “Test Scripts Library” and add a “New Test Script".

Now go back to your bot details, click the Test Configure link and add your new script Congratulations — you have just run your very own first test on your bot!

Simply put a “Test Script" is a part of the conversation that a user has with your bot. To put another way, scripts are some given user inputs and the corresponding expected bot replies.

Test Scripts are platform agnostic. Meaning that if you have more than one bot you can reuse common User Stories!

For example, let’s say you have a simple “welcome” script for your bot that asks the user for his name and then greets him using that info. Now if you create another bot that has the same interaction you can simply test that using your existing “welcome” script, without needing to write a new one or copy & paste.

Another case in which this can come very handy is when you need to build the same bot with two or more different technologies or platforms. You can then test all your bots, after connecting each one, without creating any new tests!

Navigate to the “Test Scripts Library” and click on the “New Test Script"

You are now in the “Script Editor” section.

Here you can

  • choose an icon, that will later help you identify your script
  • type in a name for your script
  • have a description of what type of interactions are included in your script
  • see if this script is used in any bot
  • write your script, a series of user inputs and bot outputs
  • use the toolbar to insert buttons, media, variables, etc into your script
  • see a live visualization of your script in a sequence diagram
  • import a premade script from a txt file

Using all the above create your script, click the “Save” button and your first “Test Script" is ready to be used in any bot!

Test Scripts that are being used in testing a bot cannot be deleted. You can still edit the script however you like.

If you must delete it for some reason you need to first navigate to each bot that uses that script and then remove it from there.

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