Test results

In the bot details page, you can review all the info of your bot. You can see all the tests that you have run and a thorough report of any warnings and issues that may have come up.

This page comprises three parts: the header, the tests scripts panel and the overall test results.

In the top part, you can see your overall bot health (based on the conducted tests), a log of the tests scripts run lately and you can turn continuous testing on and off. Last but not least, you can rerun the whole test suite, in case you change anything or add another script. When it's concluded, we'll let you know so you can get the updated report.

In the “Tests Script” panel, you can see the test scripts attached to this bot and any issues that may have cropped up. Conveniently, you can click the Configure Test link to add/remove any test scripts.

Test results

The report is broken into sections that showcase any issues or warnings we found when running your scripts.

Functionality - Unresolved issues, detected during the last bot audit, having a negative impact to the behavior of your bot

Usability - Unresolved warnings, detected during the last bot audit, affecting the conversational user experience

Performance - Metrics showcasing the responsiveness and uptime of your bot

Help - Evaluating whether your bot understands the users' support requests

Privacy - Checking if your bot complies with privacy-related best practices

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