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All-in-one Chatbot Optimization

Although chatbots and voice assistants are very popular nowadays, the majority of conversation interfaces still offer a poor experience and there is often no real way to measure their quality. Being unable to understand where your system is failing can lead to suboptimal conversational experiences, which ultimately frustrate your users. Based on many years of research, we are able to utilize a series of conversational UI best practices and crowd-based metrics for optimizing conversational interactions.

Our optimization process is platform-agnostic, so to support as many chatbot platforms as possible. At the moment, supported technologies include Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Rasa, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework as well as no-code bot building platforms, such as Chatfuel, LandBot, MobileMonkey, Flow XO, and ManyChat. We are constantly adding more platforms!

When we can help

For every growth stage of a bot, from conception to production


Before development

Explore the needs to meet for a text-based or voice-based bot. Provide technical advice and solutions based on your requirements. We can even lead your in-house team to shape a bot that fulfils your goals.


During development

Evaluate whether your bot development is on-track. Fix issues in the conversational user interface and find out new ways of improving it and boosting your ROI.


In production

Measure your bot performance in real-world settings and validate the actual user experience. Explore aspects omitted during development and receive useful action plans on how to eliminate the highlighted issues.

How we can help

AI-powered Expert Evaluation

Utilise the knowledge of conversational agent professionals along with a series of automated testing processes to receive actionable feedback.

Crowd-based Evaluation

Often follows expert evaluation to capture critical human insights, which can be really helpful for improving end-user experience and raising conversion and retention rates.

Become a tester

Do not lose the chance to participate in our tests, help others capture critical insights and improve their conversational experiences in exchange for compensation.

Enchatted Chatbot Testing Platform

Chatbot Auditor

Say hello to next-gen conversational testing. With a gorgeous dashboard, custom tests, AI-powered conversations and 24/7 monitoring, Enchatted Chatbot Auditor is industry leading! Request a demo

Unbiased Chatbot Testing

Identify unexpected output, avoid common conversation flow design pitfalls and holistically improve your chatbot performance.

Chatbot Testing Bot Connector Enchatted


Our testing process is platform-agnostic, so to support as many chatbot platforms as possible. Supported technologies include Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Wit.ai, Rasa, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework, Chatfuel, LandBot, and ManyChat. We are constantly adding more platforms!

How does this work?

In order to test your virtual agent, we build a series of test suites, each consisting of multiple unbiased test scripts. In case you already have a rich of conversations dataset, we can also utilize them to augment the whole QA process.

Create your own test scripts icon

Create your own test scripts

No need for coding! Use our simple test builder and submit your own test scripts.

Let us take care of everything icon

Let us take care of everything

Our experts will analyze your bot and create a set of unbiased test scripts.

Enchatted - Chatbot Testing Automation

Enchatted - Chatbot conversation Rephrasing - Synonyms Engine

Enchatted - Utterances Generator for Chatbots

Optimizing AI with AI

Your users will never ask the same thing in the same way. Chatbot testing should reflect that! Enchatted Rephrasing Engine is able to automatically generate and test user utterances by leveraging the power of AI. This will allow you to broaden the scope of responses your chatbot provides to your users.

Rephrasing Engine

It sounds cool and it won't result in a robot apocalypse — we checked. Still, our rephrasing engine can help your chatbot cover more user input, providing an appropriate answer regardless of how customers express their intent.

Enchatted Chatbot Testing - Health Check Chatbots

Check your chatbot health score!

Execute a series of tests and get actionable insights regarding via Enchatted reporting dashboard.

See a health check sample report
Enchatted Chatbot Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing

Ensure your chatbot works 24/7 reliably. Schedule ahead of time and trigger automatically sets of conversation tests. Get notified in real-time and save yourself from embarrassments.

Testing Axes

Usability Icon

Resolve usability issues and shape easy and intuitive bot-based tasks.

User Experience Icon
User Experience

Make a bot-based task meaningful and valuable. Create an emotional connection with your users.

Security & Privacy Icon
Security & Privacy

Uncover vulnerabilities of the bot and eliminate ethical or transparency issues between users and bots.

Compatibility Icon

Investigate the interoperability of the bot in several channels and check any potential integration issues.

Performance Icon

Determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a certain load.

Regression Icon

Ensure that changes and fixes to your bot have not adversely affected its output.

Accessibility Icon

Make sure your bot is accessible by users with hearing or vision impairments and performs reliably against speech impediments.

Analytics Icon

Explore whether the actual user experience meets your users’ expectations.

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