Neli is a virtual assistant that helps people estimate their chances of achieving pregnancy following fertility treatment, inform them about available treatment plan options based on their needs, and even help them predict their due date.

Neli was developed for Newlife IVF Greece as a tool to inform all interested for assisted reproduction services. Newlife IVF Greece is one of the leading IVF clinics in Europe providing the full range of fertility investigations and treatments.

The chances of pregnancy following fertility treatment are calculated based on a special algorithm developed in collaboration with clinicians and embryologists. The algorithm takes into account several factors and uses historical data to provide the best possible approximation.

The due date calculation was also developed utilizing a prediction model created in collaboration with the clinicians.

In order to serve the specific needs, an API was created, which receives data from Neli and provides the respective calculation as a JSON response. All the transactions between Neli and the API are covered by strong encryption of 256 bits.

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