Our story

The year 2019 finds our two co-founder’s, Dr. Stergios Tegos (CEO) and Dr. Apostolos Mavridis (CTO), research efforts come to a profound realisation: there has been a tremendous growth in chatbot building yet with a disproportionate investment in Quality Assurance. Chatbot adoption has been seriously hindered by ‘non-working’ bots. At that point, an idea and a mission was born: to focus exclusively into improving the quality of chatbots and create a platform that would enable the development of bots that actually work as expected!

Along with an existing team of professionals, which were also friends, we started Enchatted. We wanted to make it possible for any developer, chatbot expert, trainer or marketing specialist to benefit from our knowledge and experience.

We want everyone, technical or non-technical users, to have a chance to invest in the quality of their chatbots through an easy to understand interface. Additionally, we wanted gather testing of all chatbot platforms in one place. And thus the Enchatted Testing Platform was born!

We work together, towards a common vision.

Portrait Dr. Stergios Tegos
Dr. Stergios
CEO, Conversational
AI Specialist
Portrait Dr. Apostolos Mavridis
Dr. Apostolos
CTO, Senior
Software Engineer
Portrait Christos Christoforidis
Product Manager
Strategic Planning
Portrait Konstantinos Manousaridis
Portrait Argiris Paraskevas
Graphic Designer
UI/UX Lead
Portrait Yannis Pierroutsakos
Head of Sales
and Partnerships
Portrait Evangelia Tegou
AI, Data Privacy
& Legal Expert

Netherlands & Greece

Enchatted was born in Thessaloniki, Greece where our engineering team is based. All the while, being one of the biggest startup hubs in Europe, Amsterdam has made us feel welcome and it is where our base of sales operations and company entity lies.

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