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A boutique development agency based in Netherlands and Greece, Enchatted offers bespoke chatbot solutions and evaluation services.

Our background in testing, along with our decade-long development experience, uniquely positions us in establishing a product that offers the seamless experience that your clients have come to expect from your company.


Chatbot Development

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Building a chatbot or a voice app is hard — we know. From picking an appropriate framework and a potent NLP engine, to making sure that your bot works consistently across all channels (Facebook, web, WhatsApp etc) there are certainly a lot of pitfalls.

That’s why you need a hands-off solution that simply works.

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Put your chatbot to the test

Do you already have a chatbot? Great! Have you actually assessed its performance? Maybe?

Does it respond to varying inputs? Is it always available? Does it offer the option to chat with a human? Is it GDPR compliant? What about your KPIs?

Making sure your chatbot works as expected is no small feat. Our exhaustive Quality Assurance protocol combines academic research and the latest and best practices, to give you peace of mind and help your company avoid any disasters.

Chatbot Optimization

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