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Chatbot Testing & Optimisation

For every stage of your chatbot's lifecycle, from development to live operation, we offer you solutions to find out what breaks or makes your chatbot. Identify unexpected output, avoid common conversation flow design pitfalls and holistically improve your chatbot's performance.

Explore some of our core features below.

Chatbot Testing Bot Connector Enchatted

Easy Bot Connector

Connect your chatbot in 2 simple steps. Our testing capabilities are built to be platform-agnostic, so to support as many chatbot platforms as possible. Currently we support: Facebook, Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson,, Rasa and Amazon Lex. We are constantly adding more platforms!

Build your Test Scripts

You can create your own conversation test scripts or import them in bulk. In case you already have a rich of conversations dataset, we offer you ways to import them to the Enchatted platform.

Write your own test scripts icon

Write your own test scripts

No need for coding! Use our natural language test builder with simple visualisations of the dialog flow. Simulate chats with your users at no time!

Use our ready-made test templates icon

Use our ready-made test templates

Start quickly, get your chatbot tested with our extensive pre-made conversation test scripts! Need custom templates? Ask us!

Enchatted - Chatbot Testing Automation

Enchatted - Chatbot conversation Rephrasing - Synonyms Engine

Enchatted - Utterances Generator for Chatbots

Rephrasing Engine

Your users will never ask the same thing in the same way. Your testing should reflect that! The rephrasing engine will allow you to broaden the scope of responses your chatbot will provide to your customers by running your tests with automatically generated rephrased & synonym inputs using natural language processing frameworks.

Testing A.I. with A.I.

It sounds cool and it won't result in a robot apocalypse — we checked. The rephrasing engine ensures that your tests are enriched and cover more user input by producing variables of similar meaning so you can provide the correct answer whether a customer writes "I would like to book a ticket" or "I need a ticket"!

Enchatted Chatbot Testing - Health Check Chatbots

Reporting & Health check for your chatbot, now!

Connect your chatbot, run quick sets of performance tests and get actionable insights via the Reporting dashboard.

See a health check sample report
Enchatted Chatbot Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing

Make sure your chatbot works 24/7 reliably. Schedule ahead of time and trigger automatically sets of conversation tests. Get notified, if errors are found.

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