Adding a new bot

To add a new bot, go to the “My Bots” page. There you can either press the “Add New Bot” button on the top right of the page or press the empty box named “+ Add a bot”. Then you are transferred to our Bot Connector wizard. Here in 3 easy steps, you can connect your bot and have your first sample test.

In the first step, you have to enter your Bot details - this is mainly for reference purposes. The details that you have to enter here is the bot’s name and a short description. There is also the option to choose a (preferably square) bot image, to be used as your bot’s avatar. If you leave it blank, a random avatar will be chosen. Plus, you can always return here to update it.

In the second step, we have the Bot “Connection Details”. From the dropdown you can pick the chatbot platform, upon which your bot is built. Once you have chosen a technology you need to fill all the necessary details.

Click on the left to read the corresponding directions for connecting your bot.

In the third and last step, you will add some scripts to get started and you'll start testing right away!

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