Bot testing just got
fast and codeless!

Enchatted platform streamlines your bot testing process using automated audits, continuous monitoring and a fully managed QA solution.

Why use Enchatted?

Despite their popularity, most of the chatbots and voice assistants built today are buggy or offer a poor conversational user experience. We know the world needs a bot testing platform, one which is efficient, easy-to-use and not expensive. We have built a platform which just does what it says, and nothing else.

Unit testing

Ensure there are no issues with the functionality, performance and usability of your bot.

Continuous testing

Count on our ongoing 24/7 checks ensuring your bot works all the time.

End to End testing

Examine your bot from start to finish with our fully managed QA solution.

How it works

Easily connect your bot

Use our quickstart wizard to connect your bot with Enchatted. We support most bot technologies like Amazon Lex, Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson, Botkit and many more!

Create tests and run them

Use the simple interface of our test script builder or just upload your Excel or CSV file.

Access to our cutting-edge dashboard

We’ll continuously monitor your bot performance notifying you of any errors that arise and potential solutions.

Why you will love Enchatted

All-in-one platform

Make our test management platform part of your process and prioritize the most critical issues.

Be scalable and efficient

We can live run multiple tests on regular intervals and notify you in case something is wrong.

Improve usability

Reveal usability issues and launch your bot with confidence. We have your back.

Optimize performance

Track your bot performance over time and access key metrics.

Access fully-managed testing

Work with Enchatted as a partner and access premium services such as our pool of experienced, passionate testers.

Validate with real users

Test your bot using real users early and regularly to quickly surface important bugs.